Breckenridge Ski Trip 2013


So...this post is a bit late. It's not my fault! My camera was unavailable for the trip and it took some time to gather photos from my co-conspirators. Also, in case that didn't make it clear enough, I did not take these pictures (well, more accurately, I do not own the camera that took these pictures--there are a few where I was holding the camera anyway). They're what I have, though, and quite nice, too.

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Canuck Canoe Crusing: Frontenac Style!


So what do you get with six fun people, a beautiful four day weekend, three sturdy canoes, and one idyllic park?  A hell of a time, that's what.

The people? Christina, Ignace, Jacqueline, Matt, Siqi, and (obviously) me.

The place? Frontenac Provincial Park.

The mission? Fun!  And we all chose to accept it.

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Making Andrew what he is today


I'm getting a strong sense of nostalgia off of Andrew's latest posts. I'm pretty sure that it isn't the first time he's been down an abandoned uranium mine, for instance. I remember that story; how, as a mid-teen, he snuck off to explore the old mine and got stung by a radioactive wasp. He had a terrible allergic reaction and got rushed to the ER, where they managed to stabilize him. When he awoke the next morning, he had turned into....Anaphylaxis Man. Suddenly he had incredible powers: every time he walked into a room, everyone there began to suffer from shortness of breath.

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Not hunting at a hunt camp


So the title probably sounds a bit weird. Well, I'm weird. Deal.

As a bit of explanation though, this weekend I did something very Canadian--I went out to my friend's hunt camp. But it's not really hunting season, and I'm not much of a hunter anyway. Capisce?

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Any News?


Today, I'm going to take you all on a small trip down memory lane.

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It takes the alienation of millions...


OK, so I'm supposed to be commenting on Andrew's life, as he blogs it. This has got to be safer than commenting on his life in general, which is good, as that falls into just two categories: "covered by NDA" and "self-abuse" (apparently with some interesting overlap).

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Thunder Bay Festiv'ice 2013


I like climbing.  As my parents like to tell it, I used to climb out of my crib before I could even walk.  The doctors suggested putting a net over the top to keep me in, but my parents refused to put me in a cage--they indirectly supported this love from the beginning.

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Andrew's Poorly Planned yet Phenomenal Peregrination in the Pacific, Part 1


Previous entry.'s been threatened for a while but people are still waiting... Kind of like the Second Coming that way...

This one, though, has arrived!  In 2 parts (cause all the pictures won't fit in one email...)!

So, basically, I did a lot of stuff in a week.  To give a sense of scale, I'll start in list form:

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Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Melbourne to Woomera


So, a small bit of background before getting to the real story. This collection of entries was originally sent as a series of emails to family members wondering about my trip. The common cries of, "That's a lot of pictures to send in an email. You should just post this stuff on Facebook. Or start a blog." are what eventually convinced me to make this site. As they are still a relatively fun read, with lots of nice pictures, I decided to post them up...but I left them in the original form. That's why some of this might seem a bit odd.

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