Andrew's Poorly Planned yet Phenomenal Peregrination in the Pacific, Part 1


Previous entry.'s been threatened for a while but people are still waiting... Kind of like the Second Coming that way...

This one, though, has arrived!  In 2 parts (cause all the pictures won't fit in one email...)!

So, basically, I did a lot of stuff in a week.  To give a sense of scale, I'll start in list form:

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Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Melbourne to Woomera


So, a small bit of background before getting to the real story. This collection of entries was originally sent as a series of emails to family members wondering about my trip. The common cries of, "That's a lot of pictures to send in an email. You should just post this stuff on Facebook. Or start a blog." are what eventually convinced me to make this site. As they are still a relatively fun read, with lots of nice pictures, I decided to post them up...but I left them in the original form. That's why some of this might seem a bit odd.

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