About Andrew

I'm crazy.  Well, maybe "unusual" is a better word for it: whereas most people like to come home after work to a nice place where they can relax, unwind and spend their nights and weekends in comfort, I live in more modest settings, often without even furniture (house camping anyone?), to save money for more fun stuff.

At the behest of some family and friends, I'm setting up this website to chronicle some of this fun stuff--they are tired of multiple essays and hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures showing up in their inboxes when I go on longer travel.  Some of the first articles on here are actually just repostings of a few of these older emails--I need something to work with to get things set up properly, and doing so during my next trip is impractical.  If I get bored enough (or if enough people bother me about it), I can pull out my rose colored glasses and old photo collection and throw up even more nostalgic events.

But the main goal here is to look towards the future.  Adventures fill my horizon, and this site is built to let me share them with you.  If I'm really lucky, that sharing might even go past just this site--everyone knows things are more fun in a group!