Airport Troubles

I arrive at the airport and the kiosk tells me it can't find my ticket. So I get in line to talk to an agent and encounter the stupidest system ever seen: people that check in online get served at the counter before anyone else.

After a bit of waiting, I force my way in to find out I have to talk to a different counter. Would have been nice for the computer system to tell me that...and for the agent to not have said my ticket was "cancelled" (technically was, but only because I had a different ticket in the system to replace it).

After a few seconds talking to ticketing, the worrisome part was handled. I check in at the kiosk...and have to get back into the immovable line. I think I'd like to meet the idiot that came up with this idea but it'd probably be bad for my criminal record.

Luckily, 50 people bitching out the manager is enough to convince her to adjust things. Worst part? I had tried to check in online but the ticketing issues on their end prevented that... Also would have been nice for them to take the employee selling lounge upgrades (including the ability to skip the immovable line!) and putting them some place actually useful, like reducing the ~2 hour bag drop line.