Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Coffs Harbour to Sydney through the Blue Mountains

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From Coffs Harbour, we decided we could make a lightning tour to the Blue Mountains with a few hours spare.  I'd say we traveled like the wind, but the wind in the mountains would make me a liar--I had to take off my hat for fear it might run away and a few of the water falls even decided to curve around.  At least the sky memorialized our journey as we headed to Sydney afterwards--thunder and lightning all over.

Today we decided to explore Sydney.  Beautiful day in a beautiful city.  Moderately strong winds and nice warm weather brought out the sailors and surfers to complement the picturesque natural surroundings and architecture.  Lots of walking and a ferry ride over to Manly Beach ensured plenty of great views.

Tomorrow we go back to the Blue Mountains for a more proper visit.  Tuesday is the opera (Aida) and we should be back in Melbourne on Wednesday (Monday is still up in the air).

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