Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Mount Tambourine, and Coffs Harbour

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So we made it down to the Gold Coast and saw the famous surfing, shopping, and sand.  Quite nice beaches, although the surf was a little rough for snorkeling.  Once the weather started looking a little dark, we headed back into Brisbane and took the ferry up and down the river.  Quite fun to see the city off a boat in a thunderstorm.  But beware the rubber ducky (although I guess it would provide isolation from the lightning...).

As Alex was stuck in meetings the next day, I wandered off to the bigger botanical gardens and planetarium (way outside city center) with one of his colleague's wives.  Lots of beautiful flowers and even a few fun animals.

Since he was free the next day, we ended up doing some rock climbing and also visiting the scenic overlook.  Very interesting place to do some climbing, although not the most conducive to taking lots of pictures (and videos are a bit big to email...).

And that brought the end to our adventures in Brisbane...leading to the drive past Mount Tambourine to Coffs Harbour.  Very steep hill, quite nice terrain, and even a cave full of glowworms (sadly no photography allowed).

Overall, quite a nice region.  Sadly, this is definitely one of those cases where pictures work better than words...which is why there are so many pictures.  Enjoy!

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