Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Kangaroo Island

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So.  Kangaroo Island.  I think this name is a bit of a lie.  We did not see a single living kangaroo.  Roadkill Island could work, although Awesome Island or similar might be better.

Since we had some time in the morning before catching the ferry, we decided to visit Port Adelaide in hopes of seeing some dolphins.  Sadly, all we found were some jellyfish and a tall ship.

But Awesome Island managed to deliver where Adelaide failed!  On the ferry ride over, a pod of dolphins decided to join us (including a mother with her young calf).  And the view was quite spectacular even before we landed.

As we landed relatively late (earliest available ferry left for the island at 3 PM), we decided to take it relatively easy and just go for a short drive to a nearby town and have a first look. Awesome Island did not disappoint.

Driving down the beautifully landscaped road, we saw signs for a lookout point and climbed up the hill there.  Quite easy to see this was going to be a nice place.  Continuing down the road, we notice an echidna about to cross the road.  Not wanting to help cause Awesome Island to become Roadkill Island, we stopped to chase it back into the trees before the cars behind us could catch up (also getting a few pictures as well).

Shortly after, we reached the town we had originally set out for.  Upon parking, we noticed a sign for both a pelican feeding pier and a penguin boardwalk.  Walking over, we find that the penguins should be coming back after dark but that the pelicans are ready to put on a show.  We wait till after dark (sampling a fine "Kangaroo" Island wine with dinner) and the penguins came out to play as well (no pictures, as there wasn't enough light and flash is not allowed).  While a full moon might have let us take some pictures, the slender crescent provided its own nice view.

The next morning (and most of the day) was overcast, but Awesome Island still managed to give us an awesome sunrise to start the day off.  Leaving at the crack of dawn (hoping to fully utilize the few hours we have on the island), we arrive at Seal Bay to find out it doesn't open for another hour...  Oh well...Awesome Island just happens to have an awesome beach nearby to pass the time quickly.

Heading over to Seal Bay as they open, we find not only some nice friendly seals but also a whale skeleton in the sand.  Quite cool.

We then head over to Flinders Chase National Park.  Lots of birds, more seals, and some quite beautiful scenery (Admiral's Arch, the Remarkable Rocks, and the hiking trail out to Snake Lagoon being especially nice).  Keeping with tradition, Snake Lagoon even has "freak waves" just waiting to take us down...luckily they failed (even if they were quite big and cool).

Sadly, after "only" that, we had to head back to the ferry to leave Awesome Island.  At least we had a nice sunset on the trip back.

Today we left Adelaide to start our drive out to Brisbane, stopping at Cobar for the night.  A bit less interesting than Awesome Island, but still quite a bit to see along the way (quite a few goats, emu, goats, pigs, goats, and even some nice light play with the clouds--sadly, the goats happened to be right next to the road but not close enough to slow us all the pictures came out blurry...oh well!).  Tomorrow, the drive continues!

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