Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Melbourne to Woomera

So, a small bit of background before getting to the real story. This collection of entries was originally sent as a series of emails to family members wondering about my trip. The common cries of, "That's a lot of pictures to send in an email. You should just post this stuff on Facebook. Or start a blog." are what eventually convinced me to make this site. As they are still a relatively fun read, with lots of nice pictures, I decided to post them up...but I left them in the original form. That's why some of this might seem a bit odd. And in case you are wondering who Alex is, he's my dad. He was with me for a good chunk of this trip.

After a hard trek through the wild forests of Melbourne (and it's American loving citizens--the pictures contain proof!), Alex's and Andrew's Aussie Adventures have taken a turn to the North!  Instead of just stopping in Adelaide, we figured we'd go straight to Ayers Rock (I think we need more A's in here...maybe a good ol' Canadian "eh?").

While leaving the beautiful city of Melbourne behind was hard (not to mention the wonderful people as well!), right now we're in Woomera (stopped in Kaniva last night).  Brian's warnings of kangaroo crossings combined with the horde of dead kangaroos (along with a bunch of dead cows, a dead emu, two live emus, and one live kangaroo, not counting the numerous cockatiels, parakeets, hawks and similar--sadly, it's hard to take pictures while driving quickly or we'd have more to show) on the road has convinced us to mainly drive during the day.  It's quite empty out here.  And very very windy.

I also must say that Australia appears to need more errant Spanish knights to deal with all the giants along our route.  I know wind power is an important renewable form of energy, but someone could get hurt!  And those start before all the bomb testing sites...  Luckily, we survived to see more beautiful sunsets and will continue along our route tomorrow.

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