Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Uluru to Adelaide through Woomera and Coober Pedy

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Leaving Uluru (Ayers Rock), we headed back down the same (long) road to Adelaide.  But, with better knowledge of the route, we decided we had time to stop off at a few interesting places along the way.

First we headed for Coober Pedy, opal mining capital of the world.  With impeccable planning, we pulled into the local gas station there with about 4 liters of gas left (~1 gallon)--the gas light turned on ~50 km (~30 miles) away.  While arguably risky in the Outback, gas prices drop significantly upon reaching there.

While there we stayed in a cave hotel overnight and visited the Old Timers Mine, which gave us a good idea of what opal mining takes.  They also had some quite nice opals on display.

The next day, we stopped off at Woomera to visit the museum.  Lots of interesting displays on the work they've done at the rocket test range, although Alex was sad that they didn't show any of the bomb testing stuff he is familiar with.  This site definitely helps provide some scale to just how empty the center of Australia is, though.  Later that day, we pass the Flinders Ranges again and reach Adelaide.

Today, Alex had some business meetings so I started off alone.  As none of the attractions in the guidebooks especially stood out, I figured I'd do some walking.  Mount Lofty supposedly gives a nice view of the city, so I decided to head in that direction.  Along the way, I came across lots of birds flying around, some interesting flowers and trees, and even a very expensive sports car.

About the time I got to the base of Mount Lofty, Alex's meeting had finished and he joined me for the hike up.  Several waterfalls on the path up along with a very nice view of the city from the top.  On the way down, we stopped at the Cleland Wildlife Park and got up close and personal with the native wildlife (including some of those pesky kangaroos that always wanted to get in our way while driving...).  On the drive home, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  Quite fun overall.

Tomorrow we're off to Kangaroo Island!  And then another long drive through the Outback to Brisbane.

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