Alex's and Andrew's Awesome Aussie Adventures, Woomera to Uluru and the Olgas

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And so the adventure continues!  As "luck" would have it, narrowly avoiding a herd of rampaging kangaroo meant the vehicle was progressing slowly enough to capture some pictures!  Farther along the road, we ran into more of the "giants" along with some dangerous machinery supposedly searching for opals.  After all that, the road started to provide us with some nice mirages--one might believe this country really has it in for us.

But, despite Australia's best efforts, we successfully arrived at Uluru (AKA Ayers Rock) just before sunset.  Made for some nice pictures.

First thing the next morning, we head back for sunrise.  Nearby, we also are able to see Kata Tjuta (AKA The Olgas).  As the summit climb is closed (high winds), we walked around the base.  Surprisingly long walk (almost 10 km, or over 6 miles for those so inclined, not including the multitude of 1-2 km side trails) with lots of great views.  The water trails down the side definitely stand out--must be pretty impressive to see during a storm (along with the following desert bloom).  Kind of funny when you wish it was raining on your vacation...

After that walk, we drove to the Olgas (~50 km = ~30 miles away) and explored there some.  The paths here are a bit steeper, so Tato (AKA Alex) stayed closer to the car while I took the full circuit (another ~8 km, or ~4.5 miles).  Surprisingly friendly birds, especially near the water fountains (attracted by the runoff), along with quite a few more beautiful views.

Following that, we do even more walking (I sense a trend here...).  I'll stop mentioning the views and just let the pictures handle it.  Suffice it to say that there are lots of nice things to see here.

At the end of the day, we figured we should probably fill up on gas.  Works out to over $8 per gallon.  That's what we get for driving to a tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere...

But it also leads to some quite clear nights.  Unlike my last trip to Australia (which mostly stayed in the Melbourne area), I'm actually able to see some stars this time.

Let us see what tomorrow brings!

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