Breckenridge Ski Trip 2013

So...this post is a bit late. It's not my fault! My camera was unavailable for the trip and it took some time to gather photos from my co-conspirators. Also, in case that didn't make it clear enough, I did not take these pictures (well, more accurately, I do not own the camera that took these pictures--there are a few where I was holding the camera anyway). They're what I have, though, and quite nice, too.

But, as you might guess from the title, the main purpose of this trip was skiing, not photography. And skiing is what we did. Between hot-tubbing, saunaing, eating, drinking, and sleeping. skiing is just mostly what we did. And skiing is what this place was made for! If you don't count silver mining...

For some background, Breckenridge, Colorado is an old silver mining town that just happens to also be perfectly situated for a ski resort. It's managed to keep that old town feeling, with many quaint independent shops, galleries, restaurants and bars, despite having the resort bought out by Vail and the large development projects that have followed. The skiing (and snowboarding) is world-class while the town itself provides a beautiful setting that would be worth visiting even on its own (an especially great choice in the summer). I've been going out there with my family for years but this time also managed to drag out a few friends (with my dad doing similar as well). With a slopeside condo (people ski past the hot tubs on the way down to the lifts), you'd be amazed how few people we get to come out with us most years. This year was a nice change.

Despite this entry showing up in June, we were actually out there the week after (and including) Easter this year. As luck would have it, this also included Gaper Day (AKA April Fools Day), where you'll see somewhat unusual ski gear going down the mountain. Like a bathrobe (It's not my fault they didn't want to wait for me to put on my real clothes! Yeah...that's it...). The weather is also fairly warm during the day (providing nice spring skiing conditions--short sleeves are reasonable options) while still cold enough at night for plenty of fresh snow (couple of powder days while we were there, with even more fresh snow coming in the weeks after).

The nice spring weather also had another advantage--we were consistently visited by a few foxes near the hot tubs each evening (and not the type that you'd normally expect to see there). They'd scamper out of the woods, look around for a bit, and then scamper off again. Not sure exactly where they were going or what they were looking for (probably food), but definitely an interesting bonus.

All-in-all, a great week with some great people. Now to just figure out when to go back...

Our friend, the fox. It's an old silver mining town. View from the condo. And from the top of the mountain. Watching the terrain park from the condo.
It's snowing!  And warm! Our friendly fox wants to go skiing. My Gaper Day outfit.  Yes, it's a thing. The very start of a powder day.  Location, location, location. This mountain just keeps going and going.
Len with a well earned picture at the top of the Lake Chutes hike. Beautiful spring day. The conspirators (minus Len).