Crabs Suck

January 9, 2014

I know what you're thinking. It's not that.

We started today by renting some bikes. We were to ride down along the ocean and take the path to the Wall of Tears, a large stone wall built by hand by prisoners formerly kept on this island.

Then they happened: crabs. Big blue ones.

We were coming down a hill when two of them jumped out. I saw them and thought, "Those are kind of cool. Hopefully we'll see more later when I can get my camera out and grab some pictures." While continuing to pedal on. Esteban saw them and thought, "Wow! Those guys are rare! I better stop and get some pictures." And slammed on the brakes. Sadly, Esteban was in front of me and the crabs were doing a good job of attracting my attention. As soon as I noticed Esteban stopping, I slammed on the rear brakes but the hill combined with rental bike brakes were causing issues. I was forced to slam the front brakes before hitting Esteban and ended up tumbling into him instead.

Esteban was mostly OK and I only had a few bruises and a couple of gashes (painful, but not worrisome), luckily, but somewhat more serious consequences became apparent when we went to get pictures: the UV filter on my lens had shattered and the filter ring cracked. Stupid crabs. In retrospect, things could have been much worse (thankfully I spent the extra money on a magnesium alloy rather than plastic camera body) but still kind of sucky.

That said, the rest of the day (after cleaning my wounds and the shards of glass) was quite awesome. We continued on to the Wall of Tears as well as several other nice waypoints on the path. Then we did some more snorkeling, with eagle rays and sea turtles being highlights. And we finished up with a boat ride and a hike, seeing lots of iguanas, penguins, blue-footed boobies, seals, turtles, and even some sharks. Even with the pain, definitely a day worth having.