Discreet understatement

I haven't had a lot to say about Andrew's recent trips. His own posts are pretty vivid, particularly if you read them, although I wouldn't recommend that. They're full of these excruciating little details."Simple errors like an improperly adjusted harness or slight imperfections in parachute packing can easily lead to greater than intended forces being exerted on small regions of the body." An innocent sentence until you start thinking about particularly small regions of Andrew's body, when it brings tears to the eyes. (Disclosure: I have been camping with him.) The idea of him "playing with drag" is also the kind of thing that makes grown men hurl themselves out of airplanes.

Also there was momentary excitement here when I thought the title page read "Perfectly Good Airplanes are Boeing", and that he'd landed an enormous endorsement deal. Now I see my mistake and have to unload those Airbus shares in a hurry.

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