Ecuador, motorcycles....right???

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Ecuador, motorcycles....right???

3-10 day trip, in a country that I (sadly) never made it to on my own excursion.  Would be amazing - great scenery, good food, great people!  Anyone else interested?

Re: Ecuador, motorcycles....right???

In terms of motorbiking through Ecuador, I'd be interested (assuming I get my motorcycle license in time...another of those things on a list far too long). That said, I'm not sure a tour is the best way to do it nor am I sure you'd want to spend that long on a motorbike excursion through Ecuador--while beautiful, many of the best sites are not easily motorcycle accessible. Something like a trip down the Pan-American Highway might be a better option (although maybe not the whole thing)--give you a taste of all the countries along the way without needing to worry about parking your bike for a few days unattended to see some really cool site. Maybe with a paraglider available to get some aerial views along the way. Thoughts?

P.S. Apologies if I've deleted any other real forum posts--there were a TON of spam messages I was sorting through and, while I think I only deleted spam ones, it's plausible I missed a few. It's actually been bad enough (one real message I've noticed and a few hundred spam ones) that I was actually planning to just shut the forum side of the site down (lack of interest and significant effort to keep clean).