Ecuadorian Amazon Day 4

January 15, 2014

Today was another beginning of another ending. We began our journey out of the Amazon.

As we were preparing to leave the Huaorani Lodge, we ran into one of the herpetologists from Tropical Herping. They had arrived yesterday evening and spent much of the night searching for snakes, frogs, lizards, and similar to photograph for their website. They were happy to let us photograph and hold some of their more interesting finds, including some friendly and beautiful snakes. They still have a few more days in the jungle and I hope they find many more.

After this, we loaded up the canoe and headed downstream. A few hours of poling downriver brought us to another Huaorani village where we had our faces painted in welcome, enjoyed our lunches, and even had some fun playing catch with lemons. The pet dogs and monkeys put on an especially good show, as did the Huaorani children climbing inside the traditional houses.

Before heading downriver again, we crossed to a lagoon on the other side of the river. Here we watched Domingo attract a caiman with Cristina's help. It's amazing to think how long it must have taken for the Huaorani to learn as much as they know about their home. And even more so to watch them use this knowledge.

We then continued on down river to our final campsite. We were treated to a quite nice sunset followed by a beautiful full moon. Tomorrow morning we will hike out to a nearby waterfall followed by our last visit to a Huaorani village before making our way out of the rainforest.

Also, in case it's not clear from the photos, simple statements like "we continued on down river" really contain a lot of wonderful experiences. I'm just letting the pictures do the talking. Hope you enjoy the novel!