Ecuadorian Transition

January 11, 2014

Our last day in the Galapagos was mostly spent traveling. Waking up before sunrise to catch our boat back to Santa Cruz, we didn't get to see much more than a beautiful sunrise. The boat ride was again uneventful and we went straight from there to a car to the ferry to the airport. Still got some great views, especially of the clouds, but not quite as exciting as the last few days.

We returned to Quito, where the rainy weather continues. We spent the transition day mostly repacking for the rainforest, with a few hours taken to ride the cable car up Pinchicha for a great view of Quito despite the clouds and rain.

At dinner, we saw a beautiful rainbow over Quito--hopefully a sign of good things to come. Tomorrow we head out to visit the Huorani in the Amazon. I'm not really sure what to expect but it should be an adventure--the Huorani have only relatively recently come into contact with the outside world.