Getting Wet

January 8, 2014

Today's goal was simple: climb the Sierra Negra volcano to get a better idea of how these islands formed and see how the climate changes across the peaks. The hike would take much of the day but should also provide beautiful views of the islands. In theory.

In practice, as seems common for me on this trip, the weather felt like throwing in some complications. The whole hike was wet, with rain from the start (where it's expected) through the end (where less than 30 days a year see rain--it even picked up on us here). We did still get some great views (especially of the caldera, the second largest in the world after Ngorongoro, and some of the more recent volcanic activity like Volcan Chico) but visibility and comfort were limited.

Of course we returned to town to a beautifully sunny evening. So we grabbed some snorkeling gear and went swimming with the fishies. Funny how a difference in activities can have such an effect on how we feel about getting wet...