Ithaca is Gorges

Company retreat in Ithaca starting Monday...perfect time for a camping weekend! So Jeff and I drove down to enjoy beautiful (or should that be gorges) Ithaca.

Stopping through in Rochester, we grabbed two Garbage Plates for lunch. Note that Jeff did not eat both of those, and neither should you. That can be hazardous to your health--Jeff confirmed this several years back. He would not have such a smile on his face after that. But one makes for a quite perfect meal.

We camped out at Taughannock Falls State Park, home to a 215 foot tall waterfall (tallest single-drop waterfall east of the Rockies). Spending most of the day hiking and swimming, we finished with some fire cooked hot dogs (from Wegmans, who actually sell buns and dogs in equal sized packages, among their many other glorious food options), fresh fruit and an international selection of beer (obtained at Beers of the World in Rochester). Hardly hard fare for a camping trip... After a late night hike to the waterfront to stargaze, we crawled into our sleeping bags to prepare for the following day.

While the Ithaca Festival was going on, Jeff and I decided to instead focus on the many beautiful hikes nearby. Watkins Glen and Robert H. Treman State Parks provided plenty of beautiful waterfalls and even some nice wading water (swimming still hadn't opened) before we headed to the Nines in Ithaca for dinner (deep dish pizza). After dinner, we wandered around Cornell's campus before heading back to camp to get some rest before the retreat started the following day.

The retreat itself was also quite fun--everybody in the company converging on a single location for a couple of days of learning and fun. Situated in the FR Newman Arboretum, we got to meet up with people we work with regularly but rarely see. And hopefully people learned that giving me food challenges is a waste of time (large cut of prime rib with veggies and potato followed quite shortly after by a Boston--milkshake with a sundae on top from the local creamery...mmm). All capped off with a winery tour (the region is known for its sweeter white wines...sadly far from my favorite style). Fun couple days for everyone involved.

Rochester's iconic Garbage Plate.  And Jeff.  He likes his Garbage Plates. Would this be called "Garbage Stomach"?  Nah, tastes too good! Kodak picture. The waterfall near the campsite. I'm not sure we got enough beer.
Hanging trees. Gorges...gorgeous...get it?
The campsite falls from below. Path under the falls.
Lots of water from these falls. Watch for this log later.
Sneaky falls!
Why aren't they called honeyflies?
Remember this log?  Way up now!
See deer. See deer run.
He really did need that shower. Not sure that's enough water to clean him off. Only you can prevent forest fires.  Oh wait, wrong bear.
Too many jumpers. Ivy League?
Definitely Ivy League.
Not nearly enough ivy.
Prost! One loud bell.
Inspecting the vintages.