Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route: Day 2

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Today the climb began in earnest. ~8 km (5 miles) horizontal and ~700 meters (2000 feet) vertical took us out of the rainforest and onto the Shira Plateau (~3500 meters, 11,500 feet). Our team is still doing fine but the rigors of the climb are coming more in focus.

The region is still beautiful, with lots of color and shadow playing with the landscape. Kili taunted us for hours through the clouds, showing more and more of itself as the sun approached the horizon. Our group patiently waited, hoping for a full view of the mountain as a backdrop for another group photo. Sadly, we had to settle for a mostly unobscured view just before we were cloaked in shadow (the last picture had said shadow at about waist level). But the clouds did finally clear, allowing for a moonlit view of Kili surrounded by beautiful points of starlight.

Hopefully the weather (and our spirits) will hold as we push closer to the summit tomorrow.

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