Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route: Day 4

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Our fourth day on Kilimanjaro was a good example of the climb high sleep low mentality. In the morning we hiked from our camp at the Moir Hut (4,200m, 13,800 feet) up to the Lava Tower (4,630m, 15,190 feet). After a hearty lunch, several of us climbed to the top of the Lava Tower (another ~80m/260 feet, with a few short vertical scrambles) while the rest headed on to our next camp. Despite the clouds obscuring much of the landscape, the view from the tower was quite impressive (not to mention a quite fun climb up).

After climbing down from the tower, we headed towards the Barranco Camp (3976m, 13,044 feet) through a lush valley fed by a feeder river of the mighty Karanga. With a few beautiful waterfalls and lots of greenery, this was a quite nice hike to (relatively) low altitude. It also provided spectacular views of tomorrow's main challenge: the Barranco Wall.

After nightfall, two more amazing views appeared: the lights of Moshi lit the horizon while the nearly full moon illuminated Kilimanjaro. All-in-all, a fun day with lots of spectacular views.

Also, something that pictures can't quite do justice to: the rolling fog at the base of the Barranco wall when we arrived.

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