Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route: Day 8

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After yesterday's long ordeal, today was a pleasant and joyous celebration. A few hours of hiking down through the beautiful rainforest (including finding the endemic Impassion Kilimajaro flower) brought us to the Mweka Gate. We signed the log book a final time, after which several people paid for boot cleaning--it's amazing how dirt colored an originally black boot can become.

A few minutes after we arrived, our bus pulled up to take us home. We loaded in and relaxed as the bus drove us back to the hotel. On arrival, we had our usual flair as Team Kelele Kilele and cheered ourselves through the hotel gate. Grabbing a final group lunch, we proceeded to clean up and relax.

We met up again for dinner, after which we sat around drinking while waiting for our guides to return for our certification ceremony. Also being one of our member's 65th birthday, you can imagine this was quite the celebration. And things only got better (and louder) once the guides rejoined us.

Big thanks to all our guides (Bruce, Adam, Allson, Julius, Nick and Peter), our support team and all of Team Kelele Kilele for making this one of the best experiences of my life. And I still have a safari starting tomorrow...