Mount Washington

Originally having planned to go skiing this weekend, that plan fell through due to lack of commitment from anyone else. Luckily, similar lack of commitment freed up space on a trip with the Alpine Club of Canada to Mount Washington, New Hampshire (USA) and they were happy to let me join them.

Sadly, they had planned to leave two days early while I still had to work and so this was going to be a long weekend in all senses of the phrase--working all day Friday I then had to rent a car and drive all night to arrive in time to spend all of Saturday climbing a mountain (Mt Washington) with all of a 15 minute power nap to go on (didn't even bother with caffeine). Definitely worth the hassle, especially with all the cool people I got to meet and the fun I was able to have climbing, ice climbing, snowshoeing and more. Also gave me a great idea of what's involved in skiing down Tuckerman Ravine (another thing on that long list of stuff I want to eventually do)--sadly, slightly better planning on my part would have let me cross that one off as well:(. Next time!

Big thanks to all the club members (especially Rob and Bryan, the organizers) for a great weekend and for letting me join in with such short notice. Definitely a great group of people to climb with.

This post delayed from Feb 17, 2014.