Not hunting at a hunt camp

So the title probably sounds a bit weird. Well, I'm weird. Deal.

As a bit of explanation though, this weekend I did something very Canadian--I went out to my friend's hunt camp. But it's not really hunting season, and I'm not much of a hunter anyway. Capisce?

So now that we've managed to get what I didn't do out of the way, let's talk about what we did do (if you can't guess from the fact that it was my friend's hunt friend and some of his family were out there too). First off, for those of you not familiar with Canadian customs, there was a lot of drinking. That might help explain number two: taking a bunch of ATVs at night through the forests and rivers to go explore an abandoned uranium mine. Quite an interesting experience, although I still think we should take a Geiger counter out there sometime and make sure it's as safe as it seems (bats and such seem to think it's fine, though...and I made sure to wear my caving helmet so that definitely makes everything fine *nod*).

After a bit more ATVing, it was time to get some sleep. And then straight back to the ATVs (OK, I'm lying...there was a good old fashioned fried breakfast first). One thing that quickly became obvious is how well the night masks the size of rivers. Many of them were barely passable--all the more fun to blast through on an ATV.

Every so often, we'd stop to explore some potential hunting blind locations. Doing this, it quickly became clear why the hunt camp was here--animals and signs of animals all over. Beaver, bear, deer, moose, wolves, birds and more (like cat...I can see the trophy mounting now!).

Sadly, as the day ended so did the adventure. Other commitments called, and we had to head back to modern civilization. Funny how that often just means "less awesome stuff".

Yeah, I'll make sure to listen to that sign... Anybody lose a bucket? I think they missed some uranium! It's the new Bat Cave! Beautiful morning.
Whee!  ATVs! Forest flooding. Snow?  In late April?  What is this, Canada? Woodpecker. Bear!  Where!?!?
A bit of flooding. OK, maybe more than a bit of flooding. Fine, a lot of flooding! Meow?  Meow!