Pushing Through

Ever have one of those weekends where all your plans go wrong? Multiple plane flights delayed? Ferry to even reach the airport violently buffeted by winds and unable to dock for almost an hour (luckily we've already mentioned the plane delays)? Large snow dump followed by frigid temperatures and high winds cancelling your original plans? Friends, having expected you to be busy, already having other plans? Chest deep snow once you do actually get out? All of the above and more in one weekend?

How would you react? Sounds almost like a horror movie but this last weekend actually was like that. And yet I still managed to have a great time. The trick? Not dwelling on the bad but instead taking advantage of the unique situations provided.

Plane delays give you extra time and a bit of an ice breaker to talk to fellow passengers (several of whom turned out to be extremely interesting this time). Crazy ferries are like a free roller coaster ride and even more reason to talk to others. Cancelled plans free up time for the little things you always wish you had the time for but can rarely justify making a trip for, like simply chatting in a coffee shop or over lunch. Busy friends can drag you along for simpler fun or get you in touch with their friends whom you might otherwise have never met. Chest deep snow is its own adventure and, in this case, also a rare chance to really test gear in an environment without the isolation normally needed to find such conditions.

Huge thanks to everyone that helped turn what could have been a disaster of a weekend into a ton of fun!

P.S. Yes, I know I'm way behind on pictures from other recent trips. This trip just had an eminently manageable number of photos and so ended up coming out first. Enjoy the time warp.

P.P.S. The person in most of the pictures is Martin, a friend of a friend of a friend who braved the harsh Thunder Bay winter with someone they had never met (me) to help keep this trip from being "wasted". He really is as friendly and happy as he looks.