This post has been a long time coming. It's taken a while to keep living life while also finding the time to share--I hope you enjoy these photos!

December 21, 2013

This trip started with a few meetings: first Fernando, the one who would drive me from the airport to the Hacienda Rumiloma where I will spend several nights. Then Alex, who will be joining me in all the mountaineering parts of this trip. Also Alejo, our mountaineering guide (there will be a lot of Alex's this trip--deal), and many other nice people (too many to list them all without boring you to death).

Shortly after breakfast, Alejo took us into Quito. Quito is a beautiful city. Nestled high in the Andes, it has a European core inside a modern city all surrounded by beautiful peaks and lush forest. It does, sadly, have a bit of a traffic problem but is still definitely worth a visit.

We spent the day visiting the beautiful churches in the old city and were also lucky enough to encounter a traditional indigenous Ecuadorian solstice ceremony: dancing, drumming, chanting, conching and more.

After spending the day downtown, we met up with Alejo's wonderful wife for a traditional Ecuadorian lunch before returning back to the Hacienda. We spent a few hours relaxing at the Hacienda, a beautiful place nestled in the forested mountains above Quito, before meeting up with some other climbers from a different trip for dinner. They gave us some info on what to expect mixed in with all sorts of other interesting conversation (a surprising amount of discussion on Westerns) while savoring delicious food and wine. If the rest of the trip is half as good as this start, it will be a trip to remember.

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