Safari Day 1: Lake Manyara

So, have you ever wanted to do a safari? Well, it's worth it. Just on the first day, at Lake Manyara, we've already seen tons of baboons, elephants, antelopes, baboons, warthogs, zebra, baboons, flamingos, toucan, baboons, wildebeest, giraffes, baboons and more (Did I mention baboons? There were quite a few of those). And they don't even run off when you drive up (they're not hunted in the reserves here). You see things better than you would in a zoo and the animals get to live in their natural homes. There are also a lot more of them around.

Our guide and driver Yusuf is extremely knowledgeable and constantly telling us interesting facts about the animals we're seeing. He also seems to know exactly where to go to find what we want to see. According to him, the later parks get better and better, peaking in Serengeti National Park. Sounds like this will be another great week!

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