Safari Day 3: Serengeti with Balloon Safari

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Our fist full day in the Serengeti. We started with a sunrise balloon ride over the plains (with a few issues causing sunrise itself to happen under our feet...) where we saw lots of animals from a unique perspective. This was followed by a full English breakfast with sparkling wine served on the plains of the Serengeti, with zebra and a few other animals slowly strolling by. Despite the technical issues, a quite fun way to spend the morning.

After that, we met back up with Yusuf for some more driving along the plains. We managed to find one of the elusive leopards as well as a cheetah, finishing up the biggest of the cats in the park. We also found some lions feasting on a recent kill. Lots of crocs and hippos, as well as impala and the other herd animals, took up much of the rest of the day.

Tomorrow we head over to the western half of the park to see even more wondrous animals.

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