Safari Day 7: Tangire

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The dreaded final day. All things must come to an end and today is the end of this wonderful trip.

We spent the morning and early afternoon in Tangire National Park, a more typical savannah where trees are able to take root all over (unlike in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, where a thick lava layer below the soil allows primarily grasses to grow). Combined with plentiful streams, it provides a noticeable contrast to the previous parks despite very similar wildlife. The varied trees all over really stand out. As did the elephants playing in the mud.

Sadly, that's over and now I sit at the airport waiting to leave this beautiful country. I'd especially like to thank my guides from Kili (Bruce, Adam, Allson, Julius, Nick and Peter) and their support team, Yusuf (my safari guide), and all the other wonderful people I've met that have made this a trip I'll remember for a very long time.