Special Events

A few weeks back, several quite cool things happened. I would have posted about them sooner, but things have been busy. At least I'm still able to keep having this fun without posting about it :).

First off that weekend, I convinced my dad to try skydiving again after a 42 year hiatus. He stopped jumping the first time after his main wouldn't open on a jump and he had to pull his reserve--decided he'd rather live than jump, although he did one last jump after to prove he still could.

Sadly, this time he spun a bit on exit, ended up with significant line twists, disliked the new canopy style (prefering the old round parachutes) and decided he'd rather stick to flying planes from the inside. Still, got to hand it to him that he was willing to try it again after all these years. Especially when it meant driving 10 hours to the dropzone and taking a 5 hour course before he could jump at all (and a 10 hour drive back after). Luckily he did enjoy going to see Niagara Falls nearby and working out the reason behind his line twists...ever the aerospace engineer.

Secondly, one of the jumpers at the drop zone broke 1000 jumps. Quite an achievement, and one worthy of an extra big jump--10 people quickly jumping out of an airplane at 12,000 feet (none of them tandems, and 8 of them flying a formation in the air) is quite a fun event to be part of. Especially with a bottle of bubbly waiting for us on landing.

Lastly, after over a decade by my side, I decided to retire my old dSLR (Nikon D100) for a bit of an upgrade (Nikon D800). While I'm still getting used to the new camera and all the extra features, the image quality difference is quite pronounced (especially when trying to take shots of distant targets or night time shots...less so when just posting regular pictures at web-quality). Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the new pictures as much as I'm enjoying taking them. I know my dad was appreciative of them when trying to figure out why he got line twists--seeing the individual lines on his parachute from 3/4 of a mile away is both impressive and actually useful.

Jeff posing for a camera test. Jeff posing for a camera test. Tato all ready to jump. Tato hanging on!
Tato letting go! Parachute deploying with tato spinning. Line twists!
Tato back in control.
Tato in control. Tato landing.
That chute just won't drop! Still pushing forward! Quite the hike under parachute.
Tomas celebrating his 1000th jump! Tomas celebrating his 1000th jump! Tomas celebrating his 1000th jump!
Tomas celebrating his 1000th jump! Tomas celebrating his 1000th jump! The celebration jump crew.
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