Canuck Canoe Crusing: Frontenac Style!


So what do you get with six fun people, a beautiful four day weekend, three sturdy canoes, and one idyllic park?  A hell of a time, that's what.

The people? Christina, Ignace, Jacqueline, Matt, Siqi, and (obviously) me.

The place? Frontenac Provincial Park.

The mission? Fun!  And we all chose to accept it.

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Not hunting at a hunt camp


So the title probably sounds a bit weird. Well, I'm weird. Deal.

As a bit of explanation though, this weekend I did something very Canadian--I went out to my friend's hunt camp. But it's not really hunting season, and I'm not much of a hunter anyway. Capisce?

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Thunder Bay Festiv'ice 2013


I like climbing.  As my parents like to tell it, I used to climb out of my crib before I could even walk.  The doctors suggested putting a net over the top to keep me in, but my parents refused to put me in a cage--they indirectly supported this love from the beginning.

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