Cayambe Disappointment Inversion


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December 30, 2013

Today we planned to finally summit the volcano whose glacier we had spent the past week playing on. Sadly, Cayambe had other plans--as our guide Alejo wisely said, there is a reason it's called mountaineering and not summiteering.

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Fortune Favors the Bold


So one of my friends throws a quite fun birthday party for themselves every year up in Thunder Bay. Last year I ended up missing this party because of another trip and so, this year, I went out of my way to find out details first. As usual, the party lived up to its reputation and so you won't see any pictures here.

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Mount Washington


Originally having planned to go skiing this weekend, that plan fell through due to lack of commitment from anyone else. Luckily, similar lack of commitment freed up space on a trip with the Alpine Club of Canada to Mount Washington, New Hampshire (USA) and they were happy to let me join them.

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Project Peregrine


So what's a good way to make an amazing weekend? Taking things you love and combining them into a crazy smorgasborg that barely gives you time to sleep. And that's exactly what I did this past weekend.

As those of you who have read some of my other postings probably realize, I love climbing (and, more generally, exploring).

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Thunder Bay Festiv'ice 2013


I like climbing.  As my parents like to tell it, I used to climb out of my crib before I could even walk.  The doctors suggested putting a net over the top to keep me in, but my parents refused to put me in a cage--they indirectly supported this love from the beginning.

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