Skydiving Party


So not long back, the owner of the dropzone I normally go to threw a 30/50 party, celebrating his 30th birthday and the 50 year anniversary of his first skydiving jump. Or something like that. And boy does he throw a party--pig roast, kegs of beer, ice luges, a live band, bonfire and even a professional fireworks show. Oh, and we even got some skydiving in. Quite a fun weekend, although probably best served by just looking at the pictures--enjoy!

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Special Events


A few weeks back, several quite cool things happened. I would have posted about them sooner, but things have been busy. At least I'm still able to keep having this fun without posting about it :).

First off that weekend, I convinced my dad to try skydiving again after a 42 year hiatus. He stopped jumping the first time after his main wouldn't open on a jump and he had to pull his reserve--decided he'd rather live than jump, although he did one last jump after to prove he still could.

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Pushing Limits


So, over the past few weeks, I've been doing a lot of skydiving. In doing this, I've come across quite a few "limits" and am enjoying how easy it's been to push on and exceed those limits.

One of the more obvious limits when talking about skydiving is terminal velocity, where wind resistance balances out the force of gravity and stops you from falling faster--about 120 miles per hour for a human jumping out of a plane. But that limit can be changed simply by adjusting body position (and, therefore, drag). Playing with this is part of what makes skydiving fun.

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The Memorial


So normally I'd write all about how I had a great weekend going skydiving and visiting Niagara Falls but this weekend I got to participate in something a bit more unique.

Several years back, a young man suffered head trauma in a serious skateboarding accident. He ended up in a coma and died a couple days later. This past weekend happened to be the anniversary of that tragic event.

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Perfectly Good Airplanes are Boring


So I did something really dangerous this weekend--I drove to the airport. Now some might say, "WTF, are you crazy?". Many would even continue with, "You went skydiving this weekend!" To them, I suggest they trust their gear and training and check the statistics: their hour plus daily commutes each week have a higher risk of injury than skydiving every weekend. Your chances of dying in a skydiving accident are about the same as your chances of a fatal car crash driving about 500 miles. And I bet you I'm having a lot more fun.

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