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Ithaca is Gorges


Company retreat in Ithaca starting Monday...perfect time for a camping weekend! So Jeff and I drove down to enjoy beautiful (or should that be gorges) Ithaca.

Stopping through in Rochester, we grabbed two Garbage Plates for lunch. Note that Jeff did not eat both of those, and neither should you. That can be hazardous to your health--Jeff confirmed this several years back. He would not have such a smile on his face after that. But one makes for a quite perfect meal.

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Breckenridge Ski Trip 2013


So...this post is a bit late. It's not my fault! My camera was unavailable for the trip and it took some time to gather photos from my co-conspirators. Also, in case that didn't make it clear enough, I did not take these pictures (well, more accurately, I do not own the camera that took these pictures--there are a few where I was holding the camera anyway). They're what I have, though, and quite nice, too.

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